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Bad Oxygen Sensor?

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Would a bad oxygen sensor cause the engine to run bad sometimes? My van could pull good 1 minute and bad the next.

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I wonder if my computer is retarding timing once in a while because of my oxygen sensor?

most likely not the problem, the o2 sensor only effects things when the engine is not under a severe load. best way to tell tho is to just unplug it for awhile.
No, don't unplug the sensor, the car ADDS tons of fuel to make sure it doesn't run lean. Check your codes. That wilkl tell you if the sensor is having issues
The last time I checked, there were no codes. But I will check again. Also when driving on the highway, if I floor it, it goes. But when I let off to about half throttle, seems like it pulls better. Is this normal?

Yes, It's normal, but the engine is going lean and it's a risk to the pistons. At WOT, the car "richens" up the mixture.
What will be causing my engine to go lean? The only mod I have is a K&N filter and RN11YC plugs.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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