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balance shaft oil hole

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Can someone give me some advice on the best way to block the oil passage once I've removed my balance shaft assembly. I've already taken the thing out and tossed it in the trash, so it's not going back in. I was looking at the oil passage, and it's drilled at an angle, which will make simply tapping a hole and installing a screw a bit of a pain. I'm worried that it wont sit flush, and therefore wont seal correctly.
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just drill it a little its really the only way, i had to do this on my car while it was in the car lol or if you know someone with a shop that can make a plug thas held in by a tab or a block, thats bolted in the balance shaft bolt hole.
The block is on a stand at the moment completely torn apart waiting for some parts, so that I'm thankful for! I suppose I'll just tap the hole and use some locktite and hope for the best!
Drill and tap for a 1/8'' pipe plug. Some teflon tape and a ratchet that sucker in.
done it twice now.
Easiest way is to cut the threads and head off of a 1/4 inch bolt about 3/4 inch long .drive it into the oil hole,then put a washer on a bolt that held the balance shafts in and red lok-tite the bolt threads.This will keep the 1/4" bolt from backing out,though I doubt it ever would since you have to kinda force it in the oiler hole.
I put an allen head in mine after tapping. Taped it and staked it with a punch. It will never back out.
You know the 2 dowl pins that are for the balance shafts? If you pull one of those out (use vice grips, gouges wont matter) Then coat it in some anaerobic sealer and pound it in. Once you pound it in all you need to do is get a shorter bolt for the hole next to it and a washer big enough to cover the hole. Mine is doing fine.
the hole is perfect size for a 7m x 1 bolt tap it thread bolt in with red lock tite cut head off grind flush for safe messure you can thread a bolt in the hole next to it with red loc tite with a washer on it but not really needed
yes balance shift is the another main part of the car so we have to perfect balance in that so that there will be no waste or oil
yes balance shift is the another main part of the car so we have to perfect balance in that so that there will be no waste or oil

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