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Balance shaft Parts for my 93 Iroc r/t

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My car is slowly working out the kinks. This time I need a three things. I need balance shaft housing, balance shaft, and balance shaft bushing. These come from inside the oil pan. I am not refering to the intermediate shaft after all. Please help:bang head lol
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do you mean intermediate shaft by any change since balance shafts are in the oil pan bolted to the mains
Yes thankyou can you help?:)
i can not but the i-shaft is standard, not a specific part any 2.2/2.5 shares the TIII. keep the keyway from the original. i think the housing is specific and the bushing or seal is the same as the cam seal i'm pretty sure, i just bought them from chrysler a couple months ago
do you mean intermediate shaft by any change since balance shafts are in the oil pan bolted to the mains
Actually i'm mistaken. I need the balance shafts that you have to access through the oil pan.
that is one big assembly, its in an aluminum body, i have the whole unit from a spirit r/t. but its partially taken apart. and has been sitting outside getting wet a year
i have a balance shaft assembly that was rebuilt for m 89 common block van. when i went to the engine shop. i saw the shafts there. laughed. and told them to plug the oil holes in my block and not install the shaft assembly.. i have a fully rebuilt and never installed balance shaft assembly.

Kinda heavy. make an offer that will get me off the couch enough to actually box it up and mail it.. and you can have it. thanks.
I have complete T3 balance shaft assemblies if you still need a set. Let me know if you are interested.
Hey everybody with everyone taking thier balance shaft assemblies out thier has to be one for me:rolleyes: Lol. I just got a great looking set from a guy but it was broken:bang head I need the housing most of all. Somebody out there help me
I have a good set I removed from a '90 CB, $50 shipped ( it is a bit heavy). I think it even has the chain w/ it, and I can throw in the crank gear if you need it.
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