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My son's 1992 daytona (3.0 auto) drains the battery dead after about 5 days w/o starting. We bought the service manuals and performed the IOD test.

With the auto trans computer and hood light disconnected and after 5 mins for all things to shut back off we are getting a current of 80 milliamps across the IOD fuse (under the hood) and fuse 26 (under the dash). The IOD fuse feeds the auto trans computer and fuse 26. The maximum IOD draw should be 30 milliamps according to the service manual. We checked the door jamb, hatchback and glove box switches for function.

Any suggestions on what to check from here?

Any suggestion on how to get to the connectors??? Everything seems to be pretty well hidden.


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The IOD fuse is fuse #46 (20 Amp) in the PDC.
The IOD fuse feeds the Safety Shutdown Relay for the A604 Trans and Fuse #26 in the fuse block(15 amp)
Fuse #26 powers the Underhood Lamp, BCM and Power Mirrors.

You will need to disconnect each item one at a time to isolate the circuit causing the problem.
If it current draw drops when disconnecting the BCM then you have to eliminate each circuit the BCM controls until the current draw drops.

Before doing anything be sure no fuses in the PDC or fuse block are blown.
If a fuse blows the current will look for an alternate path to ground and if it finds one it will keep that circuit powered.
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