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Bent cranks?

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Anybody know of or heard of a TD crank bending?

Specificaly a 2.2 cast NA Common block crank. Not
finding one bent or dropping one but removing a known
good crank previously machined and finding exessive
runout (.006"). Thanks.
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Russ, I have never seen it but I do know that the cast cranks flex a lot more than the forged units under heavy stress like the application your running with your hybrid. With a lot of HP/torqe this could happen.
ive seen it in high compression v8 engines with light weight cranks and the not so light cranks also so yes it is very possable
Is that the same crank out of your cracked block?
If the block flexed enough it can bend the crank, especially a cast crank.
Millerman340 said:
Is that the same crank out of your cracked block?
Yes, we never checked block over beyond the missing
chunk but may be worth a peak. Motor has had it's
moments of speachless terror but doubt we have ever
reached anywhere near the HP others have made.
Good point, never realy looked beyond the fragged
portion of block. Another expensive paperweight to
add to the list of "boy thats realy "F"-ed up" and "
never seen that before" junk pile in back.
Russ, The crank I'm using in the Laser is a 2.2 cb, and I discovered it bent as I recieved it from one of our venders. It had about .006 to .007 runout measured on journal # 3. I magnafluxed it and sent it to Crankshaft Specialties in Memphis, came back PERFECT!.......Don't throw it away, unless you throw it in my dumpster..........Oh ya, You still up for borrowing me that lower two piece intake for a while? Warren
Lower is ready anytime, e-mail me an address @ [email protected]

You go to SDAC and the crank is yours! Was gonna bring for
show and tell anyway. 90 TBI 2.2 crank, -.010 accross board
with .006" at #3.
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