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blinkers quit working

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89 daytona blinkers quit working, got under the dash and found the plastic flasher broken and grounded out near the parking brake, put in a new flasher and they still wont respond, the hazrds work fine so im hoping not to have to take the stearing column apart to replace the switch but i do have a spare.

none of my books have any wiring for the blinkers
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unplug that flasher and see if the hazards still work. if they don't you need to find the 2nd flasher. if they do work take a volt meter and see if you have 12 volts on one of the two wires at that flasher. if the voltage is there jumping the 2 terminals will light the lights if the switch is turned on if the switch, wiring, and bulbs are good.
Thanks tim, i checked the wires for power and i got no juice with switch in any position key on, the fuse is good too...
No Power Present At Directional Flasher

Power to the directional flasher comes from fuse #10.
Verify with a voltmeter/test lamp power is present on both sides of the fuse.

Power to fuse #10 comes from the ignition switch so the key must be on to check for power.

If power is not present into fuse #10 then the problem is between the ignition switch and fuse block(same wire powers fuses 9, 10, 11)
If power is present into fuse #10 but not out of fuse #10 the fuse is faulty.
If power is present on both sides of fuse #10 the problem is between the fuse block and directional flasher.
Black wire is the power input to the Directional Flasher and the output is Orange to the Directional Switch.
Thanks jan, I have power at the fuse on both sides, so if i have power going in to the switch through the black wire and nothing coming out the orange wire it must be the switch then ?
Switch controls the ground side so be sure you have continuity from the flasher to switch connector to verify the wire is ok.
Switch controls the ground side so be sure you have continuity from the flasher to switch connector to verify the wire is ok.
Jan which switch controls what ground on an 89? Looking at the diagram I see no switch doing ground work. Turn signal switch is all hot wires ignition switch is hot to fuse panel as well.
I did not look that close at the wiring diagram.
What I meant to say is the switch completes the circuit, with the switch in the neutral position there will be no current flow thru the flasher.
Where it goes after that I did not look.
Its a simple circuit power flow starts as fuse link feeding ignition switch

when switch is on it feeds fuse block.

good fuse feeds one side of flasher

power goes through flasher and feeds turn signal switch

turn signal switch position determines which lights get power by switch position
Ok I figured it out I was looking at fuse #9 instead of #10, the fuse was blown, i feel kinda stupid now lol blinkers working great and i got one of those super loud flashers thats kind of nice, thanks a lot tim and jan !!
Glad to hear it was a simple fix.
good deal
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