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all right first up is my A413 trans. spyder gears blew the whole diff cluster is no good blew a hole into bell housing valve body is good along with all the other parts. comes in AS SEEN condition parts in pic is everything no brackets no cables NO price listed because more then willing to rip parts off it and sell it in parts...whats left of it that is so tell me what you need off it ill give you the price WILL ship in&out of country you pay shipping fee

2. torque converter STOCK 4 bolt good shape would flush it out though. will ship in and out country you pay shipping $40

3. AC Radiator she looks pretty beat up but works fine no leaks.i WILL refund money within 14 days of being received if any problems THIS IS FOR RADIATOR ONLY with it including shipping to return the radiator to me $30 plus ship

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