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boost control problem

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I have a fresh 2.2 t2 super 60 setup in my 87 daytona I am having a problem with a lack of boost only getting about 4psi.It has the mopar performance#5249528 super 60 ecm and delco#16040749 3 bar map sensor.With wastgate solinoid vacume line hooked to bottom port and a T to intake supply and turbo actuator with a orfice.This hook up is as factory diagram shows.For testing I have a vacume gauge in wastgate line after orfice near actuator,and a led test light setup hooked to wastgate soliniod circuit.As soon as I see 3-4 psi on boost gauge wastgate solinoid is getting pulsed(led test light flashes)unhooking vac line from wg solinoid has no effect still low boost.If I unhook wg actuator then boost will go up fine 20psi or so.I tested map sensor responce from NAJ chart and found his chart is backwards.When my boost goes up my voltage goes down his chart shows high boost high voltage.I get( 4.85volt at 24hg) (.9volt at 20psi)I put my stock t2 ecm and 2bar map in to compare and it responds the same way,high boost low voltage high vacume high voltage.Does anyone have any ideas?:
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Have you checked all your other vac lines, any leaks anywhere else possibly?
The entire vac-pressure line system checks good.As soon as wg accturator gets 3-4 psi it cuts the boost off
Other detailes of my car if it helps.Mopar performance race ported G head,255walbro,+40injectors,cone air filter,has small aftermarket cat,with restrictive looking pipe,and dynomax super turbo muffler .I plan on changing exhaust soon
what is the "restrictive looking pipe"?
It has a little after market cat(alot smaller than stock)the muffler is a dynomax 6inch diam round direct fit for fwd chrysler but the pipe that leads in to muffler and the one that makes the turns near gas tank are not very high flow looking.I am now working on putting a good flowing system on it.3 inch back no cat to rear axle pivot them 2 1/2 the rest of the way with different type muffler.I have some take off exhaust parts from other vehicles I got free
I got it figured out on my own!now its working good map responce chart is corect I was reading voltage on wrong wire,wastgate soliniod was plumed wrong!
good job.
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