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boost guage ?

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ok i installed my boost guage like a month ago and when the car is off it sits at -3. and at WOT it is at -3 so it is off. but at idle it is right at -20 where it need s to be. can i fix this or do i need to buy a new one?
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pretty sure you're going to need a new one. I don't think it's possible to re-calibrate it.
Sounds like you hooked it up to a line that only sees vacuum plus its off a tad.
i hooked it to the trottle body. i wont see bost as my turbo is not hooked up yet,
:thumb: Just rotate the gauge face 3psi to the left
lol, Im having the same problem, except mine is off -2psi when shut off, at idle, and at WOT. Normal idle I hear is -19 or -18psi.
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