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due to general electric problem. my brake light do not work.
fuse has been change.
bulbs have been change.
there is a brake switch in the motor. But i try to figure out if there is a switch behind the stearing wheel or behind the glove box?
thanks for help

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brake light switch is mounted to the brake pedal assembly

if you buy the switch new at the auto parts store be sure to order it for the correct year car

the switch and it's little mounting bracket changed slightly between 1986 and 1988 and to put the later switch in the earlier car you would also need that little bracket

so if you get one at the wreckers also scoop the small bracket it attached with

I hadda make a second trip to the wreckers (bracket) when I swapped mine so I remember this now

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If I remember correctly this is a 90 Daytona...???

The Stop Lamp Switch is located at the top of the brake pedal.
The switch has a six wire connector, four of those wires are for the Cruise Control, two are for the Brake Lights.


The PK/DB wire is power in from fuse #10 and power out is on the WT/TN wire and runs to the R/R Directional Relay.
The R/R Directional Relay feeds the L/R Directional Relay and together they supply power to the Left and Right Stop Lamps.

1)Do you have power into the stoplamp switch on the PK/DB wire?
If No, go back to Fuse #10
If Yes...
2)When you depress the brake pedal do you have power out of the switch on the WT/TN wire?
If no, replace the switch.
If Yes...
3)Proceed to checking power in and out of the R/R Directional Relay.

Circuit Wiring will be sent through PM.

RELAY-90 Daytona Relay Bank.jpg


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