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breathing new life

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I have recently drug my old 87 Shelby z Daytona out of the depths and have started rebuilding it. It has been parked for almost 10 years because the transmission was whining. I recently rebuilt the engine and pulled the A555 to pieces and found a large pit in the machine race surface on the countershaft that slots into the roller bearing on the bell housing side. I filled the pit with weld and sanded it down but could not get my hands on a new bearing and it didn't look too bad so I chanced it and yes it is still whining although it isn't as bad... either way I am looking for an inexpensive way to fix this. Are there other transmissions I could pull from a junkyard that would fit other than the A555? Does anyone know of a place to get a transmission cheaply. Also I searched high and low on this website and many others including calling koyo themselves and several bearing specialists and could not find one so Ihave pretty much given up trying to fix mine
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[email protected] <[email protected]>;

Email him, he is a member here too


He knows where to go with these trans for parts.
thank you for the heads up, i will see what he has to say.
OK so I sourced a 525. Its going on a TII engine. I've read that its too weak. Should I put a gurdle on it? Does anyone have a pic of a gurdle so I can just copy the design?
doesn't matter what you put on it. A T2 will nuke it. If you want a strong j-yard tranny get a 1990 523 trans with a 3.50 final drive ratio. You'll need the shifter and cables, and you'll have to grind on your trans mount a bit but other than that it's a bolt in. I have one in my 87 ShelbyZ with a 2.5 intercooled setup and it's awesome. I'll soon be behind a 2.5 16v intercooled engine.
Damn, well I already bought it. It was $70 and supposedly has A555 gears in it. It also came with the original internals in a box. I'm going to give it a shot. I might just build some rediculous over the top brace cage for the diff area and drive it until it pops. Lol thanks for the info though.
the 525 and 555 run the same bearing in the case (bellhousing side) well they were different part numbers but the same sizing and do work as a replacement.
the 525 isnt gonna last too long and you will need the cables and shifter and brackets and axles from a donor daytona (84-86) the bobble strut wont line up either, you will have to make mods to that as well. why not source a 520 trans?? i know you just bought the 525 but when you need a heart transplant, do you want the doctor to replace your bad heart with one that might last a day or maybe a week????
Time to sell the A525 to a GLH or GLHS owner...
You have a good point. I haven't actually put my hands on it because my brother snagged it for me and I won't see him until Xmas. Are the 525 and the 555 similar enough to Frankenstein them together? Can I put the good internals from the 525 into my 555 case?
the problem is the good parts you need are from the 555 and are bad in yours. contact ilikeshelbys ( he's a member here) he did have a intermediate shaft and ring gear from a 555 for sale recently (he may still have it) then you can swap over your 555 gears to his good shaft, replace all the bearings and reassemble it, then presto bammo a good 555 for your car.
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