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Bulkhead diagram for 85 GLHT and 86 Daytona Turbo needed

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Hi Guys

I have a 85 Daytona turbo engine harness, and I am putting it in my
85 Omni GLHT.

Some things aren't working properly.

Can someone please email me the BULKHEAD CONNECTOR diagrams for both those cars?

Thanks Earle

[email protected]
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Do you need from 86 or 85 Daytona?
I can give you both, but I need to know which Daytona you need it for.
Hi Guys
I'm not sure if the engine harness was from an 85 or 86 Daytona Turbo,
if you have both that would be great.
Also need the diagram for the 85 Omni GLHT as well.
Thanks for helping out.
Earle, check the number of pins in the bulkhead connector. 85 G bodies are 40 way, 86 up are 50 way. The 40 way has 40 1/4" wide pins, the 50 way has a top and bottom row of 1/4" pins, the rest are 1/8" wide. L bodies were 40 way almost to the end.
40 Pin.

Both the GLHS and the Daytona have 40 Pin bulkhead connectors.

Does that make it a 85 Daytona?

Yes it does, either that or an 84.
My son Mike, with a better memory than Dear old Dad, has confirmed that it was an 85.

So...85 Daytona Turbo, and 85 Omni GLHT bulkhead wiring diagrams are whats needed

Thanks Earle
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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