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burning up the clutch

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just put in a new clutch cable in my 88 shelby daytona and the pedal is all the way up. in 4th and 5th at wot the clutch just spins the adjuster is all the way up any ideas??
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its not that cause befor i replaced the cable the car was fine
Cable's too short, probably.
make sure you have the cable through the right hole in the trans case too. it has to be in the one to the left, closest to the arm. If its not the clutch might not engage all the way.
The same thing happened to me the transmision was leaking fluid onto the clutch and was slipping when under any boost in 5th
see the problem is this wasn't going on befor i replaced it and i tryed the longer cable from a 92 and up daytona and its to long so i dont know what to do now
generally the self adjuster adjusts fully when disconnect & keeps constant pressure on the pressure plate therefore slightly disengaging the clutch put the old cable back & grab the clutch petal & PULL it towards the seat this should reset the adjustment to 0 by depressing the cable a few times it should adjust correctly again
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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