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ok.. '88 T1 shadow (intercooled, 0.020 over, balanced, swapping the mitsu for a garrett).. should i go with the stage 2 cal from FWD or the super 60 from TU? the s60 says only with other s60 components only. what are the other components? looking for the most bang for my buck here.. i have about $300 to play with. if i go with the FWD cal, its about $310 before shipping because of the core charge. has anyone bought the cal from them? how long does it usually take all said and done from order date to getting your core charge back after sending your comp to them?

does the stage 2 cal have a max boost setting? or can i set up a MBC and AFPR with injectors and pump later on to up the boost to a stupid amount if i wanted to?
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