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Cam Seal and random hissing in the cab

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hey im new to the forum. I got a 88 dodge shelby lancer with a 2.2 TII and i just cant seem to keep the cam seal in the head with out it blowing out at full boost. and just recently there is a rondom hissing coming from some were in the car but it goes away as soon as there is just a lil bit of boost readings on the gauge eny ideas guys? thanks for the help
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Welcome to the forum. Check the vac. Lines most likely the noise. Use some carb. Cleaner and spray all the vac connections while running. If theres a hole in a connection the rpm's will spike up for a second
thanks ill do that and see how she blows
Welcome To TD!!!

Blowing out the Cam Seals is being caused by excessive crankcase pressure or the seal is not being installed properly.

Is this car stock with the stock PCV/Breather/Air Cleaner Box?
i just replaced the pcv valve today cause i thought that would be the problem but still blew out again. i have never has this issues with eny of my outhe 2.2 turbos but this one has a cam seal cap that was a pain to find one and when i did i bought 6. it has a cold air intake thats aboot it. im planing to pull the motor and giver a full rebuild with forged internals and a new turbo cause mine is pushing oil
Do you have engine vacuum at the PCV Valve and is there a breather connected to the PCV system?

When you install the rear cam plug use either Permatex Aviation Cement or Permatex #2 on the outside of the cap to help it seal and stay in.
Be sure the head is clean of all oil/grease before install.

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my cam plug used to blow out all the time , when I rebuild it I found the piston was cracked from detonation.
hissing can be caused by a lot of things. COuld be vac lines or something as simple as the exhaust. My exhaust "hissed" in the cab when I changed out the muffler and cat back system. Not saying thats the source but its possible.
If in cab it "Hisses" you probably have a cracked HVAC or boost gauge line. Or a bad HVAC door valve. No big deal, the only thing that works on the HVAC system at boost is the defrost anyway
hissing in the cab could also be a bad brake booster.
True. To test, run the car, then when you shut it off pump the brake a few times. If it tightens up the booster is good.
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