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I have for sale like new super 60 cam P5249496 .499 lift and .260 duration. I have the springs that go with that cam P 4876061 that are like new and both the cam and springs as far as I know have never been used. I have injectors P4529295 they are plus 20%. I have new Fidanza cam gear #994239 that is new. I do have a bunch more parts that I need to take pics of and I will list them like a G head with new valve job and plus 40% injectors but I have to dig it all out. I have pics of cam,springs,injectors,and cam gear. the cam and springs 130.00 plus shipping. the injectors 100.00 plus shipping. The blue adjustable cam gear 85.00 plus shipping. All U.S. dollars.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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