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Hi everybody, I have some questione about Wiring Harnesses...

I have been putting together a turbo 2.2 1990 Omni and was just donated a bunch of srt4 components. I am about to start the re-wiring the omni so I started to wonder which computer/harness I can use. I know a minivan harness will work with a T2 computer rather easily but I haven't bought those yet and seeing is how I have a free stage 2 srt CPU and SRT wiring harness that's compatible with that CPU.....

I was wondering if it is possible To re-wire my Omni with the SRT Harness/CPU??? I was really interested in doing this for
1. In Hopes to save money
2. More readily available parts
3. To have more control of my levels from switching to 5bar map sensor.

Can anybody tell me if this is doable?? I figure I'd have to have some 1 recalibrate the stage 2 CPU to fit the build of the turbo 2.2 but does anybody know of a way to switch out the 3bar map sensor on my 2 piece intake manifold to a 5bar map sensor?? I'm basically hoping to have the updated electronic capabilities of the SRT4 CPU running a modified T2 in an Omni. Can it work??
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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