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Can someone post how to remove the turbo on an 89csx step by step?

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new vnt turbo and stainless lines just arrived (thanks fwdperformance), and my 89csx arrives tomorrow (i'll take lots of pics) anyway it has a blown turbo and i want to swap it asap. Would like to do it without removing the head. Does anyone have a step by step write up? or a shop manual? much appreciated
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Drop out the engine with the transmission, change the turbo and reinstall the engine and transmission.

Taking the head off is going to be much easier, faster, and painless.

Replacing The Head Gasket - MiniMopar Resources
+1 yeah you have to buy a head gasket and head bolts, but its too easy that way plus you get the satifaction of knowing your head gasket is good to go for a while.
No need to pull the head, you'll need a 15 MM box wrench a set of crows feet with extensions. Remove the T/B for excess and if you like remove the frt eng. mount so you can tilt the motor forward ( I don't myself ). I've replaced turbos on P,G + L bodies WITHOUT pulling the head in much less time + less cost than you think. I just can't understand why people think it's easier to pull the head.:bang head
i just took out the T2 turbo in my glh omni yesterday in about 45 minutes, with the TB still on there, and lbodies are tight! i didn't have to pull the head, its a squeeze none the less, but can be done.
The few I've pulled at the yard I simply pulled from the bottom. Make sure you coat the nuts with PB Blaster and let them sit for a few minutes before starting.
it would all depend on where you live or where the car came from, if those exhaust studs and nuts are rusted good, you wont get it off without pulling the head. here in MI. i've had trouble getting the manifolds off a head while the head was already off, a few times i have started with a 10mm socket and worked my way down to a 8mm socket and a hammer to get it off.
If you are just getting the car I would pull the head and use a new MP head gasket then you know that is done and good.
i'm in california. the car has been here all its life. It's been sitting in storage with a blown turbo for the last few years. It's #226 and it's a recaro car as well. When the car is started it runs rough and a ton of blue smoke comes out the back. I bought a new vnt, but am wondering, do the oil returns ever get clogged on these and cause problems?
yes, Welcome to FWD Performance, Inc. sell stainless steel line sets, when you buy a new turbo and dont purchase a new oil feed line at least, it will void your warranty.
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