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I had a check engine light recently (discussed in another thread) for a minor evap leak, and the guy replaced the cannister purge valve. I needed a state inspection, so I left it at the place, and they said they'd drive it around to get the monitors ready, and then do the state inspection.

However, when the guy took it out, he said something seemed off, so he turned around and went back to the shop. The car died before he made it back and now won't turn over (tries to start).

Talked to the mechanic today and he said there's a short somewhere. When the fuse for the blower is in place, the blower is on full blast, even though the switch for the blower is off. He's trying to find the problem.

I asked him if replacing the cannister purge valve could have caused this, and he said no; that it's in an entirely different system. However, it seems a bit of a coincidence that right after they worked on it, this problem happened.

Am interested in any feedback. Does it seem that his changing the cannister purge valve could have caused the current electrical problem, whatever it may be? Or could this be just a really big coincidence?


2003 Dodge Caravan SE
105K miles
That generation Chrysler always had electric problems. Try cleaning the grounds.
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