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Car runs after first start for 15~25 seconds and stalls - restart it - does the same

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edit: This post is concerning my 87 2.2 T1 LeBaron Convertible that I recently rebuilt with a T2 turbo T2 Logic module and an 89+ Turbo1 intake manifold/throttle body/AIS/TPS.

Hey! I was talking about my bouncing idle from 1000 to 1100 in park and how it was rock solid at about 750~800 in gear.

Well when I start the car and leave it in park it will rev to 2000 or so right after start and promtly drop down to about 1500. After 15~25 seconds it almost seems like it's trying to lower the idle and does it too much or too fast and the car drops down to 200~300rpm or lower and just flat out stalls. If I hit the gas real fast at the 200~300 range I can bring it back to life before it dies.

This is getting on my nerves - as I have to push the gas and hold the revvs at about 1500 before I can drop it in gear or it dies on me. If I drive it a bit and park it I can put it in park/neutral and it will rev from 1000~1100 up and down but will not die on me - it only happens after a fresh start.

Timing last I checked (last week - done nothing to it since then) was at 12degrees BTDC cam and crank timing are good O2 seems to be functioning normally (A/F gauge) but O2 *shouldn't* cause such a problem so close to start (comp's not reading gauge till it warms up right?).

I was thinking either bad map sensor or bad AIS - but I don't have extras to swap in so I'd like to pinpoint the problem BEFORE I buy the new part =)

Any assistance is appreciated!

edit: Going out to pull codes - last time I checked (even with it doing this) I just had 55.

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When I get my diagnostics scanner - what do you guys recommend I check first to try and solve this problem? It doesn't do this once warmed up (in open loop as I believe it is referred to)

Only when the engine isn't listening to the input from the O2 and the other things that it does when it's cold.

Problems with the vacumm lines to the MAP circuit can cause some really strange things at idle. Could also be a TPS issue. The scanner should help you tranck it down pretty quick. Also check the vehicle speed (speed/distance sensor).
Speed distance sensor is brand new and working fine.

This idle problem only happens just after I start the engine - if it's warmed up it will idle perfectly fine in gear or out of gear.

If I start it , rev to 2grand with the gas pedal and drop it in gear I can sit there with the brake on all day and it will never stall - but if I start it and leave it in park it will idle for 20~25 seconds and die.

I swapped in a brand new TPS and that didn't solve the problem so I returned the TPS to AutoZone =)

Also when I first put it in gear after staring I have to rev it to about 2 grand before I do - otherwise it stalls the engine. When I drop it in gear it goes "kerTHUNK" and the car lurches a small bit. It doesn't seem to do this when warmed up - I can swap gears without a problem.

I'm not getting any codes (55)
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