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1984 Chrysler Laser XE Turbo 5 speed
Had the cruise control swich /turn signal switch repaired.
The car was fine. Now the car will start but wont turn off with the key..
Replaced the ignition switch and same issue.
My "mechanic" said its because I have the interior apart (bull shit).
Any ideas?

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I have to ask the obvious first...

Since you had the upper column apart are you sure that when you turn the key to the off position it is actually moving the ignition switch?

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you replaced the key cylinder OR ignition switch ?

one is not the other

key cylinder is connected to the switch by a link rod
turn the key and the rod pushes or pulls on te switch mounted to the shaft of the column

with tilt steering the upper half can come lose - that causes the car to stall

but if someone was just "in there"to replace the signal switch then it's a fair guess that that link rod MIGHT be getting hung up in the wires attached to the column
ESPECIALLY the multi wire , flat ribbon cable lead attached to the switch that runs to the multi point connector on the column

the link rod must be able to travel freely

also while you're under there
-get your tube of silicone sealer
find the similar link rod for the high beam switch
put a small dab of silicone at each end of that link rod where it nests into it's "pockets" at either end
..NOW, that link rod will never drop out and your high beam switch will never fail
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