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I was driving 120 km/h on the trans canada in my blue 88 caravan, with the 2.5 turbo and 5 speed, and what do I see in the mirror? An early 90s porsche 911 convertible, coming up fast in the left lane. SO, I decided to ruin the guy's day!!! Well, he had a young girl with him, and the top was down. I let him go past me a little bit..... it was a carrerra 2, and the little spoiler thing was in it's up position. I knew I was in for it. SO, I dropped the van into 4th, and flew up beside the porsche. He looked over, surprised, and decided to take off. I stayed right beside him as I shifted into fifth gear, and then began to pull away.

My crappy ES speedometer only goes to 140km/h, so I'm really not sure how fast we were going..... but the pair of side by side motorhomes came up pretty fast. LOL. Both the guy and the girl looked shocked. It was grrreat. Who cares how ugly my van is? Hehehe.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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