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Cars PT Flea coming?

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I found a website listing new Cars 'movie moments' 2-car sets with a listing for PT Flea & Flick. There was some discussion whether the character was a PT Cruiser or not, so hopefully we'll find out for sure. It's not due until September, but at least it's on the schedule.
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No pictures, probably not until a month or 2 before they're released.
No pictures, probably not until a month or 2 before they're released.
OK I guess I can wait...
Sooo..where is this web-site?
Has anyone seen these out yet?
Sooo..where is this web-site?

Scroll down to release L. No release date now (probably due to Mattel recalls), and the only way to get the set from this dealer is to order a case. They'll probably show up on ebay first |(
Found a picture!

PT Flea
I have seen Mia and Tia..and Mr. and Mrs. The King at Toys-R-Us last week...maybe the others will be there soon.
Will have to check it out up here and see if they are in our store in Canada..
No sign here yet, not even on ebay.
I don't know when we'll see PTFlea. 1stopdiecast.com (click the HotWheels logo) shows the remaining releases for FY07 and releases through November 2008 and there is no mention of PTFlea.

There's a cryptic reference on the site to the recalls and some resultant repackaging of the 2007 releases because of it. I know the "Sarge" vehicle was part of the recent toy recalls, but I don't know if other Cars cars were affected.
OK i have found some of them up here in Canada But not the PT...I forgot to write down the names of the ones I saw and these were at Wal Mart..
I have found all the ones in that series...but the PT Flea set...still looking...
hey guys.....

if ya need any of the cars let me know.....I work retail and usually see them
first hand.....no pt flea tho.......

Mike lets us know as soon as you see them...PT flea that is Thanks..
Still can not fine it any place.....Will keep looking..
I've check the new cars cases sent in and nothing still in them.....


According to 1stopdiecast.com, the PT Flea will be part of a 2-car set (paired with Flick) in releases E and J of their 2008 CARS lineup.

The site indicates that release A of the 2008 CARS series is shipping in November 2007 and that release Q is expected in October 2008. Extrapolating from that, we should see releases E and J in the April/May timeframe.

1 - 20 of 68 Posts
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