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Cars PT Flea coming?

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I found a website listing new Cars 'movie moments' 2-car sets with a listing for PT Flea & Flick. There was some discussion whether the character was a PT Cruiser or not, so hopefully we'll find out for sure. It's not due until September, but at least it's on the schedule.
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Mark29, what store had the one you found?
Mark29, what store had the one you found?
Toys R Us
Thanks! I "fed the scalpers" for just the one car a few months back, but am hoping to get the pair. :)
What do these cars look like? ?:|I have never heard of them...PTpreacher
couple pics of mine:

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I still have not found one at our Toys r us up here and I have checked out 5 stores..
Still looking for one myself....
61 - 68 of 68 Posts
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