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My Turbo's

1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Performance car Sedan

1987 Shelby Z Engine
Vehicle Car Engine Auto part Mid-size car

Exterior 1986 Laser XT 62.000.0 original miles
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Coupé Sedan

Dash 1986 Laser XT 1 owner car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Sedan
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Hey DodgeG24Man,

I live in the Toronto area, and I have recently acquired an 83 rampage and 87 Daytona Shelby Z.
I will post pics soon, as I am moving and have these cars stored at my friends house.

Hope to be talking to you all soon.
Pics to come

Cheers !
By the way, both are project cars :)
Province of Ontario
If you live within or near to Toronto,Barrie,Oshawa,Mississuaga, and are looking for parts,One of the best yards for used parts is called Cookstown auto wreckers it is aproximately 30 mins north of Toronto on the 400 hwy take the coosktown exit and hang left follow the signs.
Huge yard with lots of Dodge,Chrysler,Plymouth ( and other makes ) cars to get your parts.
another toronto area auto wreakers to note
standard auto wreakers - steels ave just west of pickering

416 286 8686

they won't have any of our older td stuff but the guys with newer cars will really love their all you can carry sales - they usually have 5 weekends each year with this deal - call for dates / fill out a mailing list card when you visit - they will mail you a reminder every year if you do

note no refunds - credit note only so go before and look first
if your really bright you'll take your parts off dureing the week before and find a trunk to lock em in
- then you won't have to do more than go in to pick up your stuff without haveing to carry a tool box as well
Ontario Canada Dodge and Shelby car owners club

Hi All!
87 Shelby Charger brought back from Washington State, rust free :)
This thing even have the original rad hoses...lol 83K miles only!
So, im looking for some parts. Shifter (rod style) I am going to heim joint the rods for dependability I am changing to a 555 trans and needing a bobble strut kit and linkage bracket. +20 injectors anyone? Looking for those as well. mail me here with what you may have.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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