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Name: Matt Beyer
Location: Manhattan and Moundridge, KS
Contact: PM or [email protected] (Prefer PM though)
Prefered payment: Paypal
Feedback: iTrader (6) and eBay (104) as Lostandfound1985
Condition: Used

All of the parts that I have listed are plus shipping.

To start, I have a set of 4 Centurion 2 rims, they are in a condition that needs to be restored, but all they need is to be refinished. I started to take a wire wheel to one and got the clear coat and the paint off of it and the main part of the rims are in great condition. The last two pictures show what the rims look like after the wire wheel, and then what the area looked like before the wire wheel. So these are completely restorable, I just never got around to it. If local pickup, I will throw the tires in with the rims, which they all are in good condition. If shipped, the tires are going to be removed to cut on shipping cost. I am asking $225 obo


Next I have a MP Stage II computer for a 86/87 GLHS. It is in good working condition, but it has been used. It can be used on a stock setup and it ups the boost to 14 psi and alters the fan settings for better performance. I am asking $85 obo, which it sells for $150 new.


Next I have the Power Module for a turbo car. I have one for both an L-body and one for a non-L-body, and they are both the same price, since they both are in the same condition. The one pictured is the one out of a GLHS. I am asking $30 obo


Next I have the rear sliding glass window from a Rampage or Scamp GT. It is in great condition with no dents in the metal and all of the glass and tint on the glass is in great condition. I am asking $150 obo


Next I have a almost perfect condition tail gate from a Rampage, but would work on a Scamp GT. I say almost perfect because there is paint chips on the inside part of the tail gate, but there is NO RUST on it. I would keep it if I knew I was going to get another Rampage, but I have no intention on it. I am asking $150 obo for it since it is in as good of a condition it is in.


Next is the kick panels from an L-body turbo car. They are grey in color and are in great condition. I am asking $35 obo


I also have the lower front ground effect from a Shelby Charger that goes on the fender on the drivers side. It is in really good condition and is blue/silver in terms of color. I am asking $35 obo


I will have more parts up as I can get pictures of them. Ask me questions on anything listed and I will be more than happy to answer. I prefer to keep shipping to the lower U.S. since out of U.S. will be more. But I can for the right price. ALL ITEMS ARE OBO AS WELL
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