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Changed carb to new weber, still dies trying to idle hot, please help

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Hey there,

Well, my car has been in the shop for like a month and a half!

Now they installed a totally new 32/36 Weber carb and my 1983 Rampage STILL stalls when hot! It won't idle... it stays running if you hold the gas but will not idle and runs like shit.

What is left to replace? Distributor pickup coil? (Is that the same as the hall effect sensor?)

Please I'm all ears to any suggestions, I already changed the computer and it didn't make a difference. If this goes on much longer my girlfriend is going to flip shit and demand I sell it. Please help!!!
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Did they adjust the carb per Webers directions? Very different ways. Go to Webers website and read how. Then get a long skinny screw driver and go to it.
Been a really long time since I worked on the 2.2L carbed cars but what I do remember is that if the wrong PCV valve is used it will change airflow below the throttle plate causing issues with idle, being able to properly adjust idle speed and A/F mixture.
Chrysler used 4 different PCV Valves through the years of 80/81-95 all with different orifice sizes and different airflow through the valve.
They were different colors however I no longer have the chart showing which is which.
Carburated 2.2L
High Pressure TBI
Low Pressure TBI
Turbo 4 cyl, V-8 and Straight 6

Mopar PCV Valve 2.2L Carburated Engine
Old Part Number 4273145
New Part Number 5010900AA

You also need to be sure other basics are correct...
Fuel Pressure, Cam/Ignition Timing, Vacuum System, EGR Not Stuck Open, Idle Speed Solenoid Adjustment and Operation.
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He's right, I used a wrong one, ran like crap.
Just throwing out an oddball recommendation: check your vacuum lines, check your jet sizing, check your idle timing, THEN check your electrical. I went through everything and replaced everything. Almost a year later and still had weird ghost issues then my battery stopped charging. Long story short, my cable going from my alternator to my battery was intermittently cutting power to my system which was interrupting the computer from monitoring the fuel mixture. After fixing the wire, my truck has ran like a champ since.
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