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Check out my new turbo!

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Thanks to my friend Larry, I finally got my new turbo today.


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That looks like a big A turbo. :)
For some reason, the pic came out digitized after I resized it.

The turbo is a typical T3/T4 (50trim, To4e, S3, .63 a/r, except for the turbine and compressor housings were professionally ported and modified. (not by me... I said professional ;-)
91DSX said:
What compressor housing is that? Looks to be a T04B .60 A/R like mine. . .if not, you still have to add the elbows?
The housing is a TO4E housing for sure, and I beleive it is the .50 a/r (been sitting on the shelf too long for me to remember)

It looks like the B series from the pic because the compressor housing was modified alot to be a direct bolt on to my 8v TD.

The builder of the turbo prefers to keep his anonymity and told me he'd personally shoot me if I posted close up pics of the porting and fabrication work ;)
So when do we get to see close up pictures of the porting and fabrication work. :D
Hehe. I wish I could, but as a friend I must maintain that trust.

I could show you close up pics of my porting and fabrication work. :D


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