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chemical coolant

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My question is ....is there anything else that can be used besides coolant/water???

maybe a certain Chemical that can cool better????

anyone ever used anything like that????
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Redline water wetter
Sweet...i'll give it a try...

Evans NPG+
I haven't used it myself yet but I will!
that water wetter isnt an antifreeze.... so if u live where it gets cold u still need antifreeze in the winter months......

but... plain water cools better than antifreeze/water mix... so as long as it dosnt get cold enough to freeze (like if u live in the south west.... etc...) just run water or.... if ur real ambitous run water then empty/refill with antifreeze/water mix when the weather starts to cool off (dont wait till the last minute though incase u get a quick cold snap (water freezes... expands... best case senrio u need a new rad worst case engine...))
running just straight water does not provide lubrication and can cause corrosion.
i also think that antifreeze helps to stop electrolisis
The Evans coolant is really neat stuff, it contains no water or ethelene glycol, it is a propolene glycol solution. It reduces flash boiling around the cylinders which also creates hotspots leading to detonation. Its a great product, the big down side is 20+ dollars per gallon.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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