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Chrome Thermostat Housing?

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Anyone ever try JEGS PN 778-66207 "All Mopar Chrome Thermostat Housing"

Its less than 10 bucks, and from all appearances looks identical in design to our stock one. I'll probably pick one up anyway, but didn't knwo if anyone had ever used one once or had seen someone with one. Thanks in advance
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I think there was a DC one

but chrome is hard to make not leak , alum can be sanded easy to give it a bite to the hose and gasket or silicone
I know TU sells one, that is o-ringed. In the JEGS caalog they have another one that looks the exact same as well. Has a 1 1/4 inch outlet, which I believe is the size of our upper rad hose ends as well.

And I hear a lot of horror stories about chrome and not sealing, though me and my buddy chromed the hell out of his pontiac 400 and it didn't leak a drop. I must have gotten lucky.
o ring grouve is good place for silicone - that's how I mount water pump to block

silicone , then push o ring into grouve and bolt on , never had a leak , but then I've never put somthin together that leaked

gen electric high heat silicone is best stuff ever , but I can't get it anymore

I liked the fel -pro print o seal 2.2 h gaskets too - don't rot like dodge ones
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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