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Hello I have a 1984 Chrysler laser turbo, and i was wondering if i increase the boost will the stock injectors be able to handle it and if i need new injectors will the stock ecm work with them. Thanks

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the short answer is:
yes yur stock ECM & fuel system, etc *can* handle an increase in boost TO A POINT (about 14 psi) ..

the other point is: make sure the *rest* of the system(s) are ready.

I suggest replacing:
fuel filter, plugs/wires/rotor, air filter, PVC ..
inspect or better yet replace all vac lines & elbows, tees,

I also suggest a $30 'narrow-band' A/F guage to monitor that critical parameter
(save up for a $150 wideband A/F gauge if you plan to make more fuel or air-flow related mods to this car)

now add an MBC and turn the boost up 1 psi at a time..
watching that A/F guage closely during your WOT runs.

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^^ Good stuff there. I'd like to add:

Factory overboost shutdown is 14.5 - 14.7psi, which is near the fuel limitations of the stock injectors. The motor will shutdown momentarily if you reach this threshold to prevent harm to the motor, however it is still very hard on the motor.

Many people decide to either manually adjust, or use a custom Logic Module calibration to achieve 14.0psi. In both situations it is highly suggested to install an air/fuel gauge. A/F gauges are cheaper than motors!

Larger mopar injectors that are a direct swap can be had, generally 20%+ and 40%+ sizes, but require more in depth modification and tuning to support properly. I highly recommend giving these threads a read if your considering that route:

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