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Chrysler efiche parts catalog in pdf from 82 to 96

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I have it all, in pdf. Full exploded views with chrysler part numbers. The real deal. Appears to be all cars and trucks from 1982 to 1996.

If anyone needs a part number or an exploded view just let me know.

For example, the 1990 passenger car pdf file (just THAT year) is 1468 pages.



INDEX OF PARTS CATALOGS Index of /ServiceManuals
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In regards to superceeded part numbers.. an older cryco parts man once told me the new numbers usually have to do with a new price being attached to the part, rather than the part being changed

so n. a. might not mean not avalible
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:confused: What does &#x1f642 mean??? :shrug:

that's the mathematical equation for FRUSTRATION..
Einstein was said to have never published it but..

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service manuals .. parts catalogs .. yada yada .. all fixed up now

&#x1f642 !!

well at least it helped the view count - 42K and going
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