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Chrysler SV Flange to Standard Flange

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So i'm currently working on making an adapter plate and I was wondering if anyone has done this idea before. I know TU sells the 3'' SV with both Chrysler and Ford style bolt holes. I would like to make a adapter that would allow you to bolt the SV to the plate and then to the turbo except where the 2 bolts holes that match, just use longer bolts there. For the other 3 holes I was thinking about taping them so the SV could bolt to the plate, then the 3 ford holes to bolt to the turbo directly. The idea being that the turbo would be completely secured to the adapter and then it would bolt securely to the turbo. I also know that the WG arm would have to be extended or the WG spaced away from the turbo. Input would be nice and always welcome. I know this this if a vague description of what i'm attempting to do but I hope to start a conversation.

P.S. If anyone has a TU 3'' SV with the universal bolt hole setup, would you take some measurements for me? P.M. and I can get the ball rolling.
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interesting project

concept is similar to transmission adapter plates
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