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89 dodge shadow 2.5 turbo 5 speed.

Im getting tired every morning and driving to work and i have to pull off the side of the road and restart the car after turning the key about ten times to get it start and then it will be find the whole day. I even got a ticket from the cop thinking i went of the side and around the car and cut in front. I told the cop my car shuts off every morning and he think i b/s him. When the cop came around the bend on the oppossit side and saw me come back on the highway with blinker on thats when the cop think i went around.

Well i need help. Car shuts off only in the morning or if car is sitting for a long time like over night and the first thing when driving about 10/20 minutes it shuts off and needles all drops on the cluster gauge after about 10 tries it starts and it will be find all day.

Is my code 32-54. i don't see anything in code 32


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Code 54 is the fuel sync side of the HEP (hall effect pickup) and that is what is causing your stall/no start condition.
Be sure the connectors are clean tight and secure, with the engine running wiggle the HEP wiring where it exits the distributor and see if you can duplicate the condition, if so the wiring is damaged, either way, without running diagnostics when the vehicle will not start it is a 99% chance the HEP is to blame, they are a high failure item.
Recommended to replace with a Mopar, aftermarket are not that reliable.
When you install the HEP do not bend the wiring down the side of the distributor as the factory had it or wiring damage will occur. Wrap the wiring with electrical tape where it exits the distributor and lies on the housing to reinforce and "loop" the harness around to the connectors avoiding any sharp bends or kinks and secure the HEP harness to the engine harness to prevent vibration and movement.
Be sure if you still have your water shield that you do not pinch the HEP wiring when reinstalling, I left mine off.

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If you choose not to reuse the watershield, run a thin bead of rtv around the base of the distributor cap after its installed.

Water/moisture will cause HEP's to die... Hence why stock cars have very little troubles, went 200,000 on a HEP, yet many of us have issues getting 10,000 to 30,000 miles out of a HEP. The factory knew something we all should-water kill electronics.

Ok my little rant is over.

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if you are going to power wash the engine bay, do it with the car off, but engine warm. also spray a can or 2 of degreaser on it, let it sit for about 15-20 min and then if your a strong pressure washer, dont squeeze the trigger, just use the mist, the stronger blast could damage many electronics and blow off or cut vaccuum hoses.
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