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I am posting this so I do not have to keep typing this over and over and will make it easier for members to find help on their own.

Fault Code 13/14...
No Change In Map Voltage From Key On To Engine Start
Map Voltage Does Not Equal Throttle Position.
Map Voltage Low
Map Voltage High

Map Wiring 85/86/87 (L-Body Only In 87) Logic Module Mounted
1)BK/LB Wire, Ground/Signal Return
2)DG/RD Wire, Map Signal Output
3)VT/WT Wire, 5 Volt Reference
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Map Wiring 87 - 94
1)BK/LB Wire, Ground/Signal Return
2)DG/RD, Map Signal Output
3)VT/WT, 5 Volt Reference
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1)Verify Engine Vacuum from Manifold to Baro Solenoid and from Baro Solenoid to Map Sensor.
Engine Vacuum needs to be 16" - 20" HG.
2)Verify 5 Volt Reference and Signal Return Line.(PIC #1)
Key On/Engine Off
With Map Sensor Connector disconnected backprobe the 5 Volt Reference Line and Signal Return with a Digital Voltmeter.
Voltage should read approx. 5.00 volts.
3)Checking Map Output Voltage KOEO. (PIC #2)
Backprobe the Map Signal Line and Signal Return Line with a Digital Voltmeter.
With the Map Connector plugged in and the Key On/Engine Off read Map Output Voltage.
You are now reading Barometric Pressure, Voltage should be approx. 2.40 Volts at Sea Level.
4)Checking Map Output Voltage with KOER.(PIC #3)
With your Voltmeter Connected as in Step 3 and a Vacuum Gauge tee'd between the Baro Solenoid and Map Sensor start the car.
Compare Map Voltage to Vacuum/Pressure.(See Chart)
5)Quickly snap throttle open.
Vacuum should drop to 0 and then back to manifold vacuum(16-20" HG).
If it does not repair restriction in Map vacuum supply line.

Auto part Vehicle Engine Steering wheel Technology

Wire Auto part Technology Vehicle Electrical wiring

Gauge Measuring instrument Technology Auto part Electronic device

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I just went through alot of diag time to find my code 13 problem.One quick thing to check that ended up being my problem.Map sensor had good vac sig but my problem was what I thought was just a 90 degree vac line connector was also a orfice restrictor.Make sure your vac line to map sensor has no restrictor of any kind!Sensor needs to see fast responce not delayed as a orfice will do
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