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code 23.....why?

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it says that a code 23 has something to do with the air temp sensor. well when I go for a drive out in the country for awhile the power loss light comes on. I shut the car off, turn it back on,it's gone. Can someone tell me what I need to do to fix this? Why it's doing this? It's on a 87 log lebaron.
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Temp sensor

Are you getting any other codes besides 23? The reason I ask is this. If you are getting a number of codes then you have to deal with them in order. What might happen is that after you fix the first one, the others might go away all together. For example, my brother in law has a 3.0 spirit and he had about 4 or 5 codes popping up. It turns out there was something wrong with his throttle body. That got replaced and they all went away.
Now, if that is the only code, then you can pinpoint a little more. I am not sure exactly what to do for that one. I would check the sensor, which might be in the ECU (I don't recall, but I know there is a air sensor in mine for the FI). You could try resetting the computer. That is simply a matter of disconnecting the battery for 15 min(?) to allow the memory in the computer to drain.
I hope this helps some.
code 23 is the air charge temp sensor. It measures the tempurature of the intake so that it can calculate density using data from the MAP sensor. when the light comes on, the car is in Limp in mode, where the computer assumes a value of 70 degrees no matter what else is going on. This will kill your power (assuming dense air like this it will dump an apropriate amount of fuel in).

Change out your Air Charge Temp sensor and you should be ok. Assuming you have a TII or an early TI.
It's a T1 log,I guess I'll try that, thanks
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