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on friday mourning i got in my car, 83 scamp, t2 and auto. i started it and while warming it up i looked down and saw check engine light on. it was about 20 deg outside but seemed to run ok. turned car off and restarted it and warmed her up some more and went to work, no light on at all. went to lunch no problems, no light. got in it after work and temp had dropped outside to about 30 deg, well started car and the light came on again. shut it off and resarted and drove home with no light on. took it out sunday no light and drove to work this am and no light on? anyone have anything like this going on? outside temp have any bearing on this? i am running MP stage 2 computer and +20s. i have allways had a wierd up and down idle for a couple of mins while warming up car even when it is not cold outside but as soon as engine runs for a min or two it is perfect and runs really strong. i have not had much time to look at it so shoot me some ideas, i want to check it out tonight.

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Code 24 - Throttle Position Sensor.

When monitored
- Ignition on
When placed in memory - If voltage above 4.7 volts or below 0.16 volts

This is from another thread. NAJ did the write up.

First you need to verify if the code 24 is a TPS Voltage Low or TPS Voltage High.
Only a scanner will give you the exact trouble code description.
You can check yourself with a DVOM.
With your digital voltmeter on a Volts scale backprobe the TPS connector signal line(OR/DB) and signal return line(BK/LB) and read the voltage with the key on/engine off and throttle closed.
Where is the voltage reading?
Is it reading extremly low(below .10 volts) or high(above 2,50 volts) with the throttle closed.
If the voltage is normal at closed throttle(.40-.90) perform a wiggle test on the wiring and connector and watch for voltage changes.
Slowly sweep the throttle and watch TPS voltage.
It should increase consistanly with throttle opening and read above 3.50 volts at WOT.
While sweeping the TPS watch for voltage fluctuations or voltage spike/dropoff.

The MAP Sensor and TPS both share the same 5 volt reference and signal return lines.
Post back with your TPS voltage readings.

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My 84 Daytona does the same thing in the winter (below35*)but it's always the ACT code 23. From my owners manual it's always been there since new. I've replaced the ACT several tim3s as did PO but still no fix. I just live with it.
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