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code 26 w/ FWD stage 5 cal

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So I was installing my Innovate LC-1 WB last night testing it out when I noticed that the CEL was flashing a code at me. It happened to be code 26, which according to Donovan means: "1988; current peak not reached by injectors". The car is an '88 running a FWD S5 cal with +40 injectors and 3-bar MAP. It runs fine, has good performance, gets excellent fuel milage, has good response, ect. I've not really noticed an issue with it.

I do beleive I had a failing hall-effect, but that has been replaced with a known good unit.

The only issue I've ever had was that on the highway at around 3000rpm or so it starts to have an intermitant miss, like the typical TD idle, but at higher rpm. It also will turn the CEL on after a while for no good reason.

Anyways, I was wondering why it would throw this code and if it is detrimental to the car?

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Fault Code 26

Maybe this will help you. It helped me with mine.
Thanks Sean.

BTW, I looked for a harness for you, I don't beleive I have one. Sorry. Chuck might though...if he can find it! LOL
Thanks Sean.

BTW, I looked for a harness for you, I don't beleive I have one. Sorry. Chuck might though...if he can find it! LOL
No problem. :thumb: I think I fixed it, just really corroded. Now I just have to fix the auto that I screwed up and I can take it for a test drive.
You get to play with it before me, no fair :mad: Lift is working great thanks! Waiting to have the flywheel done so I can throw the tranny in and give the life back, hopefully by this weekend. Thanks again.
LOL..well, I get to pull my tranny AGAIN tomorrow :mad: :rocket: :blah:

I got the tranny, flywheel, clutch, &PP all in and together...the stupid pressure plate is f'd up. It doesn't release all the way so it's a PITA to drive because you have to press the clutch pedal to the floor and then some, then PRAY it lets you find a gear. What's funny is it works better at higher rpm :shrug:. I've gotten OK at rev matching it at lower rpm so it's more civilized. Hopefully tomorrow is the last day I have to do it.

I got a 6-puck ceramic clutch made at Dealer's Equipment(I should have remembered to tell you to got here for your flywheel :bash: ), and I ordered a dual diaphragm TIII PP from Cindy with a new friction surface for the flywheel(just in case) and had it overnighted(OUCH!!!).

Anyways, hopefully I'll be back on the road with a set-up that shifts by tomorrow evening...:fingersx:

I can tell you that just by the impression I have from dirving it the little bit I have around town it's going to be interesting! First gear FLYS by! The engine revs VERY fast! I never imagined the responsiveness it has...OMG!! Oh yeah..and OBX/Quaife type diffs FTW!!! That thing is AWSOME!:thumb:
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