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Cold Idle Issues!

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Let me begin by saying that this is my first post after a long time of viewing, very informative! I have a 1987 Dodge Daytona with the 2.2 Turbo I and an Automatic Transmission. When the engine is cold the engine will start, run OK for a few seconds (1500-1800 RPM), then the RPM's will drop and it will start to run rough, sometimes resulting in it stalling. It will run, but not real smooth until the engine starts to warm up. If it stalls out, the second time I start it, the initial RPM will be much higher (2200-3000) and it will run much better. It's almost like it doesn't realize the engine is cold when it’s first started. Everything seems to be fine once everything is warmed up, the problem only surfaces when first starting the engine. I am using the Mopar Performance Logic Modules for the 1987 2.2 Turbo I w/automatic trans (P4529873). Is this a quirk with the MP logic modules, or do you think it is something else? The car already has a new AIS motor, coil, Coolant temp sensor, and MAP Sensor, so I'm pretty sure these are not a problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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What kind of codes are you running? It sounds like a TPS sensor.
I've dealt with the same issue - next time you start cold, disconnect the AIS and see what happens. if it starts & idles relatively normal, it is most likely the wiring to the AIS, not the AIS motor itself. check each terminal for continuity & go from there.
best I can tell you to start off with...good luck with it.
There are no codes thrown.
I've been looking at other threads and it seems like this is a common problem with these modules. Would I be better off going with a cal from Turbos Unleashed or FWD Performance? Maybe these would have a better cold Idle. :rolleyes:
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