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I know there is only a few of us but I will put up a thread for Colo people. I have a Shadow ES convertable looking to make a full on track car, See yall at the track.......the red shadow with the gold door :dancing:
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Sweet!! I must have missed this. white 89 daytona C/S. down south where the Sloppers are. might see me around.
What's up fellas? I'm in the Springs as well, red '88 Daytona Shelby Z. You'll here me before you see me for now. The full 3" exhaust with straight pipes gets annoying sometimes
3" exhaust annoying?? Why loud or what I was thinking of upgrading as well in future..
I like the loud part, its just the tone. Without a muffler it sounds like a tractor almost, but I'll be putting a magnaflow muffler on it soon
Sweet how funny. so do you get asked if you are going to the fields. see about building one that is tuned for the engine simular to a 2stroke tuned pipe but to have a lower resonance. I would need to do some serious digging to find formula on doing so and supporting equipment but,hey it is a idea.
shoot gona b two weeks on clutch builder going on vacation oh well I am paitent.as long as car is done by atleast early spring if not earlier..
just ordered my wideband, AFPR, and real boost guage!! Next remove extera weight, next in a few months is the FMIC, ******* intake, and BOV, and FWD performance stage 5. Then steelies with slicks, Then a cage/role bar. Then water meth kit (prob going with snow performance just cause they are from woodland park)
:shrug: I wish I had money to follow your mods wideband stage 4/5 +20/40 3" exh etc... oh well I will be verry happy next week?? to get clutch in and being able to drive again...but,starting car up past few days found a problem my valve cover is leaking:bang head so any reccomandations on replacement planning on doing over weekend???
I would say a new name brand gasket with some rtv.
like fel-pro and some high temp rtv?? only sucky thing doing a search some are one piece others are like two piece I really hope it is the one piece. I checked at advanced and they have in stock the one piece at least..
I also hope they have black rtv,red will look aweful!!
Question?? on flywheels advanced has a forged steel one any good benefits on using a forged compared to a standard cast piece??? Going with a ceramic sintered clutch disk..
Forget steel is better than cast piece. Stronger, less likely to exploded. Got a part number of that forged steel flywheel?

RX7 Flywheel Explosion - YouTube
rx7 flywheel explosion - YouTube
flywheel explosion - Google Search

The KEY to have a non-leaking valve cover gasket is CLEANLINESS. Make sure both surfaces are free of old rtv and oil, and you'll less likely to have a leak.
thanks .. what seal would you reccomend is fel-pro ok??

Part number Beck/arnley 065-1018 advanced""98.89
i use fel-pro for all my gaskets but i am mostly stock engine. i double it up with an rtv gasket maker.:shrug:
i use fel-pro for all my gaskets but i am mostly stock engine. i double it up with an rtv gasket maker.:shrug:

Cool thanks!!
DIY boost block, all from the Depot.
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being creative and space saving I see. I was going to go with one from one of the vendors but, I may build one instead as well.or take a trip to harbor freight and get two of the aircompressor splitters and attatch together light blue anodized aluminum already threaded up ready to go..minus nipples..and for a cheap mbc use a aircompressor air tool adjustable pressure regulator for a air brush small light weight etc..
I don't even bother with vacuum block. I drill and tap the intake manifold and put ports directly onto the intake manifold.

Easier and cleaner that way.

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nice!! I thought about that but, what a pain if you need to remove to install.Extremely clean though..
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