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Come STEAL my modded TII GLHT!

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OK, here's the deal. Completely fed up and need to move on. It's time for me to get rid of my 86 GLHT. I pulled this car apart to convert to TII and was intended to be my daily driver when finished. The TII swap was just completed 2 days ago, only to find out that my used TII turbo I put on has a bad seal, so it smokes lightly at idle. The car is completely back togather and runs perfect other then the turbo smoke. I have since aquired a different daily driver and was planning on selling the car as soon as the swap was completed. However, I have no time or motivation to fix it, so it's up for grabs at a steal of a price, as-is, I just want it gone. It's cheaper for me to just sell it as-is and take a loss on it then it'll be to tear it apart, fix it, and list it for sale again(I had it sold for $2500 before I discovered the turbo seal was bad). Here's a run down of the car. Picts and price are at the end of this post! Please read this post as I think I've answered any questions. If not, ask away! Car is located in Baxter, MN 56425.

'86 GLHT, 100% RUST FREE Colorado car. It has only been in MN for 2 years, and has been stored winters since it's been here. VERY RARE color combo, red with gold interior. It is also a factory A/C delete car. I have told those 2 options(color combo and no-A/C) make it one of 3 made, but I have no way to varify that. 115k orignal miles. Has been in a minor fender bender on the pass side front corner. Fender and headlight bezel were replaced, and the corner of the hood was repaired. Aftermarket sunroof(no leaks).

Now for the powertrain. Still has the stock 525 trans. The bottom end is still the original 86 unit. Has a fresh top end that has been COMPLETELY gone through, and converted to TII the right way. There was nothing done on this car half-assed. The following mods have 150 miles on them. This is what was done during my TII conversion:

Todd Nelson ported swirl head(the original head from this car), flows 180/140 @ 28". Mopar performance valve springs. New valve seals. Todd Nelson ported exhaust manifold and intake manifold(1-piece). 52MM TB. TII roller cam, adjustable cam pulley. New timing belt, +20% injectors, AFPR, converted to GLHS wiring with Rick Diogo's plug-n-play harnesses. Prototype Pettijohn stage 2 GLHS LM. Stock TII garrett turbo w/ TU stainless line kit. 2.5" mandrell bent JRB style downpipe and exhaust, no cat no muffler. GLHS rad/IC assembly, with custom fan shround and Mr.Gasket #1987 fan. Radiator was just flushed, pressure checked, and cleaned. As I said, the following parts were all put in at the time of the swap, and have only 150 miles on them unless noted otherwise. To the left of them is what it cost me(which may include shipping on some items), but this is what I have invested in it.

($200)Used GLHS turbo(had 5k miles on it when I put it on)
($400)Used GLHS Rad/IC w/ hoses, just cleaned, flushed, and pressure checked
($75)Used Pettijohn prototype stage 2 GLHS cal
($120)Brand new GLHS plug-n-play wiring overlays
($80)Brand new fan shround and Mr.Gasket fan
($165)Brand new CV shafts, both sides
($140)Brand new +20% injectors
($120)Brand new Stainless line kit
($110)Brand new AFPR
($120)Brand new 2.5" mandrell exhaust
($55)Brand new alternator
($85)Brand new Adjustable cam pulley
($80)Brand new powdercoating on VC, fuel rail, and intake mani
($55)Brand new Mopar performance valve springs
($100)Brand new Misc gaskets and such
($45) Brand new oxygen sensor

This all totals up to $1950(I have recipts for about 90% of it), on top of the cost of the car. So in the last 3 months I've thrown just under $2k at this car in parts alone. I'll sell the whole car as is(with a smoking turbo) for $1500 CASH. Included with the car is a complete extra set of front brakes which are brand new. 2 new front calipers w/ pads, and rotors. It also comes with a fully built 525 trans with about 10k miles on it(this is a spare, it comes with the car but is not installed). It came out of my 85 GLHT and shifted PERFECT when I took it out to do my 568 conversion. This trans also has the chrome moly end plate and tranny girdle already installed. The car will need a few things. It will need a windshield(it's cracked bad), could use 2 tires(the other 2 are almost brand new), and will probably also need an alignment. The clutch also engadges way at the top of the pedal, so I would imagine it will need a clutch soon. Any other questions, please feel free to ask!

Picts are HERE!
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I wish you were a little closer, 850 miles is alot, lol.

Wanna meet somewhere in IL? :thumb:
Oh yeah, also has Monroe Forumla GP struts all the way around wrapped with mopar auto-x springs. Anything else that I can remember, I'll post in here.
I've had a turbo smoke (slightly) from a kinked return hose. It actually ran fine like that for quite some time. Do you believe this thing would make a couple hour return trip (as long as the smoking didn't get worse)?

Are you positive it's the turbo seal leaking, or might it be possible that the oil smoke is from putting a fresh top end on an original short block? Not trying to bust your balls, it's just that I've seen that happen before. Checking your plugs should be able to rule that out.

I would be wiling to give you $1300 please let me know
Wow, what a helluva deal. Mark's a good guy too. Bump.
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