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Someone broke into my New Yorker awhile back and ripped out the overhead console and glovebox, took nothing but multi-tool on the seat, no cd player or the giant pile of change I had. Guessing it was some druggy, apparently that's where people put their drugs???

Anyway the junkyard around here doesn't have a compatible overhead console for the New Yorker so I figured I could rewire one from an '89 Caravan. Now I'm looking for anyone who knows what wires do what for both configurations. I'm having a hard time finding any diagrams on the internet. Can anyone help me out?

This is what I believe so far to be accurate based on this forum CLICK HERE

1985 New Yorker Harness

Violet/Orange - Temp Wire Sensor
Black/Orange - Temp Wire Sensor
Gray - Ground
Gray/Black - Ground
Orange - 12V to display when headlights are not on
Yellow/Black - Display dimming when headlights are on
Dark Blue/Red - Courtesy Entry Lights

However this slightly confused me as there are a total 9 wires and some of the colors don't match up.

I can attach a picture of the harnesses on here if requested. I'm selling the car but it would look a lot nicer if there wasn't a giant wire harness hanging from the ceiling.
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