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Re: complete 2.4 turbo engine srt-4
OK, Kingsland GA, Exit 3, I-95, near Jacksonville, right? That's 4 hours, 10 minutes for me. I bet the Jacksonville guys will be interested! (I sure wish it was Augusta instead!)
Anyway, for me, that would take some long-term planning for sure. Anyway, I'll Email you and maybe you could reply with some history, description and pics regardless ('cause everybody will ask for that, for sure. You heard it run, but that could be 'scary' too, if I don't know what you heard.)
Thanks - Andy
[email protected]

PostScript: Looking for anything else L-body (i.e. turbo Omni stuff? some Charger stuff?) and was it OMNI or CHARGER Ground Effects?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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