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compressor trim

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is the t3 compressor a 45 trim if so how many lbs a minute is it
and would going to a 46 trim compressor be worth it and how many lbs a min would it shove
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no one have a clue or am i the black sheep of the board
stock T3 compressor wheel is a 50 trim. I'm guessing that you are going to a T04E 46 trim. Yes? Well, at the beginning of the threads, or on top of the page, there is a wonderful writeup about how to read a compressor map. If you do not know how to, I highly recommend learning. If you do, then all you need is a map of different compressors or the exact ones you wish to know about, and get the flow rating at 15 psi boost (2 bar).

wink the turbo is a forward motion enforcer 2 i bought i havent got it yet the mail is slow that is why i was asking so if you could let me kmow anything more id thank ya alot and ill learn how to read a map
Ahhhhhh. It's a T04E compressor in a modified stock housing, if my memory serves me correctly. It will definately outflow the super 60 turbo. And I think that turbo is good for about 30-35 lbs of flow. You should be able to get about 40-42 lbs out of the enforcer II. However, if it has the T04E compressor housing, then you will see a huge difference in the upper rpms. If it has the stock compressor housing machined for the new compressor wheel, then it will hit like a ton down low. The larger housing would smooth out the way the boost "hit" on spoolup.

A buddy had a Nissan 280ZX turbo and swapped out the compressor housing to a larger one. It would hit hard with the smaller housing. But the spoolup on the larger housing "felt" more linear.

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