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my motor is a T1.. ordered a stage 2 cal from FWD. i got it today and put it in. started the car, it would (on its own) rev to 2000 then sound like its gonna stall.. iit kept doing that till it did stall. started it back up.. idled a little funny but it was better. took it for a ride and after the car was at full op temp, i got on it to see how much difference it was.. NO POWER. i mean none! builds about 4 or 5 psi and just boggs down. my narrow band wont even light up any lights.

one odd thing.... on the sticker where it says FWD performance.. bla bla bla, my name bla bla bla.. it says S3. is that stage 3? if it is, would not having the charge air temp sensor and the other T2 sensors hooked up make it run like that? please help! i'll go buy the sensors tomorrow if someone can tell me how to wire them up if thats what i need, but if not, im going to put my old computer back in it. im freaked out i dont know if something's going wrong with the motor or what

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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