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I’ve got an ’87 Daytona with a 2.2 liter turbo I, automatic transmission, and 12 PSI cal. All of the sudden the computer has decided to limit the boost to 5 PSI. I know the computer is limiting the boost because I disconnected the wastegate hose from the solenoid and I had full boost (Over 12 PSI). I have also teed a gauge into the wastegate line and noticed that once the car hits about 1LB of boost the computer starts to modulate pressure to the wastegate. My intuition would tell me that no pressure should get to the wastegate until the engine gets close to 12 pounds of boost. Here are some things I have tried already.

1.Tried a second solenoid, no difference
2.Tried a second MAP Sensor
3.Disconnected Knock Sensor
4.Made sure wastegate is not stuck and moves freely
5.Tried three different brands of gas
6.Made sure there are no codes in the computer (There aren’t)

I wonder where I should troubleshoot next, as I don’t know what else could cause this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Be sure the vacuum lines are routed properly.
Be sure that the ground side of the solenoid is not hitting ground and causing the solenoid to open.
The wastegate solenoid is only an on/off switch and the controller is using MAP readings to actuate.(controls ground side, power is constant).
Control is from the LM Red connector Cavity # 19 LG wire.
Check MAP vacuum to voltage at the MAP and Controller to see what the Controller is seeing.
Voltages are listed in the "sticky", "voltage tables" in the "engine management" section.

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