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conversion q

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I am new to the whole fwd thing in the mopar realm. I am wondering what the necessities are to convert a non turbo omni to a turbo omni if a person has the turbo engine. I am assuing wiring is the larget issue but how much extra is there? also pcm's? are they reprogramable? I have a drbIII availble to me so if they are programable that is no big deal but if they have an internal prom replacement is the only option. Help me out I want to get one of these and am having a hard time finding a glh or glhs in MN.
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What year Omni and what year engine? Do you have the electronics to go with the engine? The LogicModules can be programmed by socketing, the SMECs can be modified for external programming see D_CAL and Mopar C_hEM on Yahoo groups. If you are buiding it from scratch, the 87 Daytona electronics are supposed to be the best 2 piece and 89 T2 SMEC the best 1 piece setups. If I can help, be it long distance, let me know.
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