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Converting Non-Turbo to Turbo Wiring Ques

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I have a 89 Daytona that had TBI and a rod knock. I was able to pick up a wrecked 89 Shelby Z with a 2.2 Turbo. So I pulled the motors out of both cars and put the turbo motor out of the Shelby into the regular daytona. I pulled the harness and pretty much every single part off the shelby. Now my questions.

1) I was told when swapping, I had to change the underdash wiring. Is this true? That big plug off the shelby by the e-brake assembly plugged right into the factory one. My Shelby did NOT have a factory boost gauge is this weird? That's the only thing that seemed to different between the 2 cars.

2) I have a 2 green plugs off the Non Turbo car by the fuse block hangin with no where to go but ever thing else plugged in to the collumn (i used shelby column) What are these? there right by the fuse block.

3) Under the dash there is a black spade connector, it's a single wire, both harnesses have it. But i must have missed it pulling out the non-tubo harness because the terminal is still on the end of the connector. So doe's this go somewhere on the column? I check out a diagram but still can't find it on the car.

4) On front of motor there is a spade connector (if i remeber it's brown) it hangs around the thermostate area.

I didn't strip the shelby so I'm kinda goin blind here tryin to put this one together so i'm sure I'll have a few more questions thanks and sorry for the big post.
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Any suggestions? Should this be moved to the Turbo Fourm?
I got the car running today. The only way i can get the car to run is if i hook a probe up to the pin 10 (i think) on the computer. And when i put power to that wire (green with black strip) then the car starts, when i don't the pump doesn't work and the coil won't fire. so that tells me that the computer isn't sending power to it is my computer bad? But it runs alright, the motor been sitting a couple of years i gotta run some injector cleaner thorough it. and let it run for a little bit of time to clear it out. Other than a small water leak from the turbo line i got to fix other than that t's pretty good.
Any suggestions where the wires go and my problem with the computer?
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