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From the Daily News:

Cash mysteriously turns up in mailbox

FUKIAGE, Saitama -- A group of residents of the same apartment block here were stunned to open their mailboxes to find them containing several loose, 10,000 yen notes, police said.

Altogether, 190,000 yen in old notes had been distributed among the four mailboxes used by the apartment residents.

Investigators and the residents have no idea how the money got there.

Police said one of the inhabitants of the apartment block opened their mailbox to find it contained 60,000 yen in used, folded 10,000 yen notes. The finder notified the police and a routine check of the other mailboxes revealed they all contained cash as well. There were no clues left as to why somebody had put the money into the mailboxes.

Police said the money will be treated as lost property. If nobody makes a legitimate claim for the cash, it will be handed back to the inhabitants of the apartment block.
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