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The CTS uses a dual resistor setup, a "cold step in resistor and a "hot step in resistor".
2.50 volts on a cold engine (cold step in resistor) is 75 degrees F, once the engine warms and the second resistor (hot step in resistor) comes into play 2,50 volts is 192 degrees F.
Voltage on a cold engine starts high, as the engine warms voltage drops, when it gets to 1.4 volts on the cold step in resistor the hot step in resistor comes into play and voltage will increase again to 3.80 volts and then drop down from there until the cooling fan cycles on at 212 degrees F (2.10 volts).

Going by that there is probably nothing wrong with your CTS circuit.
The chart on the yellow paper is live data from my car (2.2L VNT) and my Son's 3.0L using a digital voltmeter for voltage and a scanner for temperature.
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